How to Use Super Glue Accelerators for Everyday Repairs

Ever wished that the glue you used for repairs set instantly? Imagine not having to hold two pieces together or wait for hours. With super glue accelerators, this wish is no longer a mere fantasy. Dive into the world of quick fixes and understand how you can leverage these products for everyday repairs.

What are Super Glue Accelerators?

Composition and Function

Super glue accelerators, also known as cyanoacrylate accelerators, are substances that speed up the curing time of super glue. They’re usually composed of solvents like heptane or acetone, which evaporate quickly, causing the adhesive to set rapidly.

Super glue accelerators

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Benefits Over Traditional Glue

  • Speed: No more waiting for hours or even days. Repairs are completed in seconds.
  • Strength: These accelerators often enhance the bond, making it more resilient.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a plethora of materials, from ceramics to plastics and even leather.

How Do They Work?

The Science Behind Acceleration

Super glue cures upon contact with airborne moisture. Accelerators enhance this process either by amplifying ambient moisture levels or by initiating a chemical reaction, thereby facilitating a swifter adhesive setting.

Application Techniques

  1. Direct Application: Apply super glue to one surface, and the accelerator to the other. When the two surfaces come into contact, the glue sets instantly.
  2. Spray-On: After applying the super glue, spritz the accelerator over the adhesive for immediate bonding.

Remember, less is more. Too much accelerator can weaken the bond.

Everyday Repair Uses

Fixing Broken Ceramics

We’ve all experienced that heart-sinking moment when a cherished ceramic item slips from our grasp and shatters on the floor. Whether it’s a decorative vase that holds sentimental value or your favorite morning coffee mug, the sight of broken ceramics is never pleasant. But there’s a silver lining. With the advent of super glue accelerators, you no longer need to bid adieu to your beloved items. These accelerators work in tandem with super glues to create an instantaneous bond. So, if you’ve recently had an accident with a ceramic piece, don’t fret. By skillfully applying a super glue accelerator, you can seamlessly bond the broken pieces back together. The result? A mended item that looks as good as new in no time!

Mending Leather Goods

Leather items, with their classy appeal and durability, often occupy a special place in our collections. Be it a luxurious leather handbag, a wallet, or even a pair of stylish shoes, these items are built to last. However, wear and tear are natural, and sometimes, even the sturdiest leather goods can face issues. Perhaps it’s a minor tear in your leather bag from snagging on a sharp object, or maybe the strap on your shoe has come loose. Whatever the case, super glue accelerators are here to save the day. When used correctly, they can provide a firm, lasting fix to your leather woes. Just a dab, a quick press, and your leather item is back to its former glory.

Repairing Plastic Items

Plastic, in its myriad forms, is an integral part of modern life. From the toys that entertain our children to the versatile storage containers that help organize our homes, plastic is everywhere. But, like any material, plastic isn’t immune to breakage. A toy might get stepped on, or a container might crack from a fall. Instead of discarding these broken items, why not give them a new lease on life with super glue accelerators? Designed to work impeccably with plastics, these accelerators ensure that the adhesive bonds instantly, holding the broken parts firmly. So, the next time a plastic item in your household faces an untimely breakage, remember that a quick fix is just an accelerator away.

Precautions and Safety Tips

Safety First: Handling and Storage

When using super glue accelerators, prioritize safety. Ensure you’re in a well-ventilated space to prevent fume inhalation. For storage, keep the accelerator in a cool, dry location, ensuring it’s out of reach for curious children.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Not cleaning surfaces before bonding.
  • Using excess accelerator, leading to a weaker bond.
  • Not allowing sufficient drying time for larger repairs.

Conclusion: The Handy Nature of Accelerators

In a world that moves at a breakneck pace, super glue accelerators are a godsend. They make everyday repairs quicker, stronger, and hassle-free. Whether you’re an enthusiastic DIYer or someone just looking for quick fixes around the house, these accelerators are bound to become a staple in your repair kit.


  1. Can I use super glue accelerators on all materials?
    While versatile, it’s always best to check the manufacturer’s guidelines for material compatibility.
  2. How long does the bond last?
    If applied correctly, the bond can last several years.
  3. Is the accelerator safe for skin?
    Avoid skin contact. If it happens, wash immediately with soap and water.
  4. Can I use regular super glue without an accelerator?
    Yes, but the curing time will be longer, and the bond might not be as strong.
  5. Where can I buy super glue accelerators?
    Most hardware stores and online platforms stock them.

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