The Best Super Glue Accelerators for Jewelry Making

Have you ever been lost in the intricate art of jewelry making, only to be halted by the drying time of your super glue? Or perhaps, you’ve been in a rush to complete a piece, wishing there was a way to make the glue bond faster? Here’s where  super glue accelerators enters the scene.

What is a Super Glue Accelerator?

In essence, a super glue accelerator is the sidekick that every superhero, or in this case, super glue, needs. It’s a catalyst, working alongside your adhesive to speed up the drying process. Just as Batman has Robin, super glue often relies on accelerators to enhance its performance.

super glue accelerators

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Why You Need a Super Glue Accelerator for Jewelry Making

Speed Up the Bonding Process

When crafting jewelry, time is often of the essence. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, waiting around for glue to dry can be tedious. With an accelerator, that wait time is dramatically reduced. It’s like adding a turbocharger to your car’s engine!

Achieving a Stronger Bond

Have you ever noticed how sometimes, even after letting your adhesive sit for hours, the bond isn’t as strong as you’d like? Accelerators can provide not just quick drying but also a sturdier bond. Because if your jewelry isn’t secure, what’s the point?

Reducing Chances of Errors

Let’s face it: mistakes happen. But with accelerators, there’s less room for slip-ups. Faster drying means there’s less chance for components to shift out of place while waiting for the glue to set.

Types of Super Glue Accelerators

Aerosol Sprays

Spray and go! These are perfect for larger pieces or when you need an even distribution of the accelerator.

Brush-On Solutions

Precision is the name of the game. With brush-on solutions, you can target exactly where you want the accelerator to act.

Drip-On Liquids

Ideal for tiny, intricate parts of your jewelry. A little drop goes a long way!

How to Choose the Right Super Glue Accelerator

Compatibility with Materials

Not all materials gel well together, pun intended. Always ensure that your accelerator is compatible with the metals, stones, or other materials you’re working with.

Dry Time Consideration

Some accelerators dry in a flash, while others take a tad longer. Choose according to your project’s requirements.

Safety and Toxicity

Jewelry making should be safe and fun. Opt for accelerators that are non-toxic and always read the label for safety precautions.

Tips on Using Super Glue Accelerators Effectively

Safety Precautions

Always work in a well-ventilated area and keep away from children. Remember, safety goggles aren’t just for scientists!

Application Techniques

A little goes a long way. Apply sparingly and evenly for best results.

Storage and Shelf Life

Store in a cool, dry place. And always check the expiry date. Just like milk, you don’t want to use it once it’s gone bad!


Jewelry making is an art, and like all artists, having the right tools can make all the difference. Super glue accelerators are more than just a luxury; they’re a necessity for those looking to elevate their craft. With quicker drying times, stronger bonds, and reduced chances for errors, these little bottles pack a punch. So, the next time you’re waiting endlessly for that glue to dry, remember, there’s an accelerator waiting to speed things up!


  1. Can I use super glue accelerators on all types of jewelry materials?
    • It depends on the accelerator. Always check the label for compatibility.
  2. How much accelerator should I apply?
    • Less is more. A small amount usually does the trick, but follow the product’s instructions.
  3. Can I use an accelerator on dried super glue to strengthen the bond?
    • Accelerators are typically used during the bonding process, not after the glue has dried.
  4. Do accelerators have a strong odor?
    • Some might have a mild odor. It’s always best to work in a well-ventilated area.
  5. Will using an accelerator change the appearance of my jewelry?
    • No, once dried, accelerators are usually invisible and won’t alter the appearance of your piece.

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